Friends of GCN

Dear Friends of GCN:

I am reaching out to invite you to a revised committee called Friends of GCN.  I am looking for enthusiastic professionals and volunteers who are interested in donating their time to help end homelessness in a caring and organized way.

The mission of the Friends of GCN is to help come up with creative ideas for the development of successful fundraising events and to build relationships that will further GCN’s cause of assisting homeless individuals. Each member is asked to help raise awareness about GCN locally, citywide, and through social media and with both personal and business affiliations and contacts.

Friends of GCN, members are asked to attend one informal monthly meeting (at a convenient time for members), respond to tasks and e-mails as needed. Time commitment may be a bit more surrounding events. I aim to work to accommodate everyone’s schedule as much as possible.

Friends of GCN is a relatively new, dynamic group designed to implement fun, spontaneous, new ideas to further our mission. Participation is a great way to get exposed to a not-for-profit committee without the commitment of being on a Board of Directors.

For more information or to become a part of Friends of GCN, contact Jacqueline Connor, LCSWR – Program Director –, 212-883-0680 x 322.

Thank You.


Jacqueline Connor, LCSWR

Program Director