We are currently raising funds to obtain new computers !

We are looking to expand our program by offering more services to our clients, but need computers to do so. A majority of the work we do with involves us using a computer and are important not only for the clients, but for staff as well. The computers we currently have are outdated and incompatible with a lot of software and programs we are looking to implement in the upcoming year. With your assistance, we can not only continue running an amazing program, but can expand it as well.

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Curb Homelessness Coast 2 Coast Stingray Sweepstakes

A classic 1968 Corvette Stingray L79, one of 9,936 made that year, has been donated by Angel’s Garage in Yermo, California to benefit two homeless charities.  The charities are Us; the Grand Central Neighborhood Social Services in New York City, and the Los Angeles Mission on Skid Row in LA.  

The car has been restored to original condition with a 327 cubic inch, 350 horsepower engine, a 4-speed manual transmission and a 3.70-1 positraction rear end.  It has been updated with a modern color changing paint job.


The vehicle will be on display starting Monday January 27, 2020 at Felix Chevrolet at 3330 S. Figueroa in Los Angeles.  It will be moved to New York in about a month.  The sweepstakes winner will be drawn in New York on March 13 at 6pm at New York Live.

The proceeds will be split between the two charities.

Tickets can be purchased 10 for $10.00.

Click Here to Purchase Raffle Tickets.  

The Stingray’s renovation was done by Angel’s Garage in Yermo, California by Angela and Mark Babala.  The car was featured in the Angel’s Garage YouTube series (