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In 1989 the Grand Central Business Improvement District, in response to residents and local businesses’ concern over the growing number of street homeless in the neighborhood, created the Grand Central Neighborhood Social Services Corporation (GCNSSC).

Its mission to help New York’s City’s homeless and hungry was clear from the earliest days of its work, as the homeless soon gained access to vital social services and support, with hundred provided housing and employment, enabling them to leave the street and life of homelessness. The effect on the neighborhood was felt as residents and businesses began to see it return to its former state of safety and lively commerce.  GCNSSC had established itself as a compassionate and competent helper to the homeless, and a good neighbor in the Grand Central Neighborhood.

In 2005 GCNSSC relocated its Drop-In Center, MainChance, from its East 43rd Street to its current location on East 32nd Street. The move represented a new direction for the agency.   Faced with the dwindling supply of affordable housing and still growing numbers of homeless, it saw its role emerge as a strategic operative in the City and community’s continuum of care for the homeless.  Working with the City and faith-based providers to provide respite for the homeless during their transition to permanent housing, in 2009 it assumed oversight and management of its respite care services, expanding its network of respite providers and services, including transportation and provision of beds and linens.

In 2010, GCNSSC became the only 24 hr 7day a week Drop-In Center for the homeless. Today working with the City, an extensive network of collaborators and partners, and experienced and dedicated staff, GCNSSC continues to serve as a stronghold of support to the homeless living on the street.

We provide basic necessities such as meals, shelter, bathrooms, and showers, in addition to assistance with obtaining housing.  We offer a wide range of services to homeless men and women 18 years of age and older.  Our goal is to provide a safe environment where people can connect with the services that they need as quickly as possible.  To use our program a person must have an intake interview, meet with the assigned worker as scheduled and stay here [either in the chair or respite bed] every night. 

Helping the homeless help themselves

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In our 30 years of servicing we have housed over 6,000 individuals in either permanent or transitional housing – we had approximately 1 million individuals coming through our door seeking services.  We have created a rent assistance program, where encouraging clients to save their funds and we will pay a portion of their rent to the landlord.

You can help us service individuals on regaining housing.

In order to help people use our center as a bridge to a more secure life, we have designed a delivery of service program to meet our clients at their various levels of need – tailoring our services to fit the specific situations of each individual in a welcoming and safe environment.

We recognize that, for some, coming in from the streets is a significant step.  As we continue to look forward to our future, we need your help to keep it going. Through generous donation from people like you we can increase our housing efforts and service more individuals transforming their lives and our communities for the better.

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Brady Crain

Brady Crain