Grand Central Neighborhood Social Services Corporation host quarterly network fairs to provide our clients an opportunity to learn more about the various resources available to them.

Social services providers and community organizations are invited to provide information on their programs and resources to our clients.  Information that can help improve their health, educational endeavors, employment possibilities, maintaining sobriety and overall quality of life.  Each organization is given a table and an opportunity to meet with each client one on one to explain the services being offered.    The services that are usually offered are:

²Job Readiness & Placement                                 ²Permanent Affordable Housing        

²Supportive Housing Providers                            ²Temporary & Transitional Housing  

²Professional Clothing                                           ²Free Legal Services   

²Alcohol & Drug Intervention                               ²Free Legal Services   

²Medical Services                                                    ²Senior Services/Housing Providers

²Post-Incarceration Services                                 ²Career Development Services

²Educational Services                                             ²GED Preparation            

²Young Adults Services                                          ²Mental Health Services

²Detoxification Services