Respite Bed Program

GCN Respite Bed


Grand Central Neighborhood Social Service Corporation is a nonprofit organization located in Midtown Manhattan. Our 24 hr 7 days a week drop in center started in 1989. We provide immediate relief for the homeless population.We serve 3 meals a day not just to the homeless but to the public as well. We offer Case Management Services and Housing assistance. Showers are also available and clothing will be provided if needed. The respite program consists of volunteers from churches and Synagogues, clients receiving case management services and overnight drop-in clients. The respite bed program was created so the homeless population would be able to sleep in a bed at night at these churches and synagogue instead of sleeping on the street or in a chair at a drop-in center. There are no religious influences at the respite site, just a warm meal and warm bed.We currently collaborate with (9) nine sites located throughout Manhattan, servicing both males and females.


If we can provide at least one bed for the many we have to someone sleeping on the streets is one step forward to decreasing a large population of homelessness.

Churches and Synagogues located throughout Manhattan ready to  provide warm meals and a warm bed for anyone homeless. All sites provide beds, meals and showers, some sites have movie night.

Clients are referred for participation on the Respite Bed by the case manager after:

  • Evidence of a comprehensive health assessment including a valid TB test
  • Comprehensive psychosocial assessment including clinical observation during engagement.
  • Observation of social interaction with case manager, staff and peers.
  • Observation of acute and active mental health symptoms.
  • Observation of controlled substances and alcohol abuse or use.
  • Review of the level of engagement towards complying with their commitment plan.
  • Review and sign the respite bed rules and regulation.
  • Client will then be placed on the alternate list on a first come first serve basis.


On behalf of Grand Central Neighborhood Social Service Corp. we would like to thank all of our donors, vendors and respite sites for your dedication and contribution, your support goes a long way in helping us to achieve our goal in helping the homeless.

Vallo Transportation                      Temple Respite Site

Layman Global                                Stephen Wise Respite Site  

Bert Drobbin                                    Brotherhood Respite Site   

Chelsea Mini Storage                      St. Ignatius Respite Site   

Laundry Club                                  Trinity Lutheran Respite Site   

Fox Linen                                          Holy Trinity Respite Site                

Friends Respite Site                      Madison Respite Site    

Community Respite Site              GCN Clients



In 2010, Anthony McDowell (Mac) joined the G.C.N family working in the Maintenance and security department and in 2014, started working in the Respite Department as the Logistics Coordinator for the program and has transitioned to the Respite Bed Operations Manager. Anthony McDowell has been the Respite Bed Operations Manager for the last 2 years and has worked for the respite department for a total of 5 years.