Volunteer Services

Volunteers Hard at Work Painting our Resource Room


Volunteers are a key component to the continued success of GCNSSC. By working within the agency, both groups and individuals can participate in a number of important initiatives.

The programs and services listed below are guidelines — if you have an idea for a workshop that is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us!


To volunteer for any of the following services, please contact:

Tiffany Livingstone
212-883-0680 Ext. 308


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Kitchen Services

Kitchen Supervisor Kevin with volunteer Virginia and kitchen cook Charles.

Working in the food services area is a great way to get started in our organization. Volunteers who have never worked in a drop-in-center before find this activity to be a good introduction. Plus, volunteers can donate their time in the kitchen any day of the week! Volunteers must be accompanied by adults 21 or over if they are between the ages of 16-18.

While we have 3 food services a day , our volunteers only assist the kitchen staff during lunch (11:45-1:30 p.m.) and dinner (3:45-6:00 p.m.). During both of these times, volunteers help with meal set up,  serve meals to clients and light clean up.

Please contact Tiffany Livingstone (212-883-0680 Ext. 308 tlivingstone@gcnssc.org ) first before you come in to volunteer.

If interested, it is important that you schedule a time to come in for an orientation  at our 120 E. 32nd St. Mainchance Building. Please call or email the Volunteer Coordinator to schedule orientation. Our kitchen is small we can only accommodate 5 kitchen volunteers at a time!

Artistic Group

Our artistic groups consist of several very different activities, including general art workshops, photography workshops, and painting parties.

Volunteers can spearhead one of our general art workshops, which consist of drawing and some light painting. Many times clients will share experiences with the volunteers while working on projects. The goal of our art workshops is to create a dialogue between volunteers and clients in a fun and inviting atmosphere.

Depending on the number of clients, we host painting parties, clay workshops, and on certain occasions – especially for repeat groups – photography workshops. Experienced artists and novices alike can host these groups!

Paintings and drawings created by both clients and volunteers are placed on display in the library throughout the year.


Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Computer Skills Training

Many of our clients want to learn computer skills – such as how to use the Internet – but lack the necessary training or experience. That’s where the role of the volunteers becomes crucial! Volunteers work with clients on general applications, going through step-by-step instructions on how to operate Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, etc.), how to set up an email account, and how to successfully conduct internet searches.

Computer skills training workshops are usually done in smaller groups or one-on-one so that volunteers can provide clients with individualized assistance and instruction. This program is often combined with our résumé writing workshop and Internet job search program.

Internet Job Search

The Internet job search program involves volunteers working with clients to help them find job leads through the Internet. This alleviates some of the problems that our clients face if they are unable to successfully navigate the Internet to look for employment. We give volunteers a list of key websites and work with clients to target jobs, post résumés on job sites and follow up emails regarding training or business programs.

This program usually combines with our résumé writing and computer skills training workshops.  All internet workshops take place during the week.

Our Internet job search program is excellent for volunteers such as small college groups, professionals and individuals.

Résumé Writing

In this workshop, volunteers and clients collaborate on resumes that reflect our clients’ skills, experience, and employment interests. All client resumes are saved electronically so they can be easily updated and printed. This workshop is excellent for individuals interested in working directly with our clients. We especially appreciate college students or professionals who have the skills and experience to help clients organize and present their varied and unique talents.

Financial Workshop

Our financial workshops are an excellent way for professionals with business experience to share their knowledge. These workshops cover such topics as debt management, the significance of credit, and how to effectively save money.

You don’t have to be a CEO to assist clients with financial issues. Volunteers without formal business education can still participate in our financial workshops by helping clients to look up credit scores and ratings, or to research general financial information via the Internet.

These workshops are best done in small groups of clients and volunteers.

Business Etiquette

Clients looking for employment often need to improve their business and interviewing skills before re-entering the job market. In this workshop, volunteers work with clients to answer such questions as:

  • How do I properly answer an interviewer’s questions?
  • What questions should I ask at an interview?
  • What is the best way to follow up with a potential employer?

By sharing their experiences, volunteers can help clients overcome some of their trepidations and insecurities about employment.

This project is usually conducted one-on-one but is also great for small groups of volunteers.

Literacy Projects

Our literacy-based projects help GCN clients on the path to literacy. The main goal of these projects is to engage clients in activities that will improve their literacy. In addition, the projects are formatted to help them overcome their uneasiness about reading or speaking in front of a crowd.

Volunteers for this workshop must at least have a general background in education or a related field. We request that volunteers bring materials from their professional field to facilitate literacy development in the clients they work with.
Before you participate in this workshop, we would like to learn about your area of expertise so that we can match you with an appropriate group of clients.