Mainchance Drop-In Center

The Mainchance Drop-In Center is GCNSSC’s multi-service facility, and it is our home base. At Mainchance, clients can stay in emergency overnight shelter or catch a bus to a faith-based overnight bed program, eat 3 meals a day in our kitchen, and take an exercise class with one of our community volunteers.

The GCNSSC Mainchance Drop-In Center serves a diverse street homeless population of single adults in and around Midtown Manhattan. As one of the city’s largest drop-in centers, we assist individuals of many ages, backgrounds and cultures.  Most of all, we offer refuge from the street in a protective, welcoming and supportive environment – and we do it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In August of 2004 we moved to our new space on 120 East 32nd Street. The building’s name came from the phrase “having an eye for the main chance,” which describes someone who is always looking to improve their situation. We named our new center “Mainchance” after this idiomatic expression because it gives clients their best chance at a new future—one full of opportunity and hope.

Mainchance Mural