Intake Process

The first step towards receiving services at Mainchance is an intake interview with one of our intake staff. The purpose of the intake interview is to gather basic information that will help us get an idea of how we can best assist you.

Our Social Services staff

At the end of the intake interview, you will be given a 10 day pass for you to obtain the necessary paper work to be assigned to a caseworker. Referrals are needed to assist you obtaining the necessary documentations. The intake interviewer will also give you a medical appointment with an on-site nurse for the Medical Center. It is very important that you complete this appointment, failure to show will result in a delay in services. We want to make sure that you are in good health.

Case Managers

Our Case Manager, Ceda Arroyo

After all your paperwork has been submitted and verified, you will be assigned to a case manager. Your case manager will work closely with you to develop a service plan that works for you. Your case manager will be your main advocate here at Mainchance so it is imperative that you keep all scheduled appointments with him or her.

An assessment interview will be conducted during your first meeting with your case manager.