Underground Arts



‘Where Art And Community Connect’

Grand Central Neighborhood is proud to announce the inauguration of its newest

endeavor, a multipronged cultural and arts programing initiative.  Inspired by the

energetic spirit that can be enlivened through the production and experiencing of art,

GCN has decided to embark on a year-long project to provide its clients and

supporters with some of the most inspiring free arts programing in Midtown Manhattan.

Grand Central Neighborhood is expanding its mission to not only provide clients with

critical necessities, including food, clothing, showers and shelter, but also to

grant them and the neighboring community opportunities for self-expression,

creative development and cultural exchange.   We will expand to become a platform

for the development of new relationships across diverse demographics to de-stigmatize

the experience of being homeless through the universal need to experience and

appreciate creative action.

GCN has always been a place of gathering, celebration and re-energizing the spirit.

Now these goals will be formally incorporated into our programing.  Join us in

this exciting adventure and be part of our expansion: participate in our art workshops,

speak up at a panel discussion, appreciate the art at our month exhibits,

introduce yourself to someone new at a poetry reading, or dance with abandon at our concerts.

It’s all at GCN in the Summer of 2021 and we want you to be a part.



-Art Shows

-Poetry Readings

-Story Telling


-Script and Play readings

-Educational Lectures